f you are JavaScript developer who wants to learn JavaScript in depth and also master object oriented java script then this course is for you.If you are a developer with any other object oriented programming language background and want to implement object oriented java script then this course is for you too.This course is not for beginners and you should have used JavaScript before you take this course.This course will fill in any gaps in your JavaScript knowledge and will help you learn and use any other JS frameworks like ReactJS,NodeJS,AngularJs easily.

JavaScript does not use structures like classes  to implement object oriented programming.This can be confusing for programmers coming from Java ,C++ or python background.This course covers every detail of JavaScript types, functions, objects and how JavaScript engine deals with them which will clear up any confusion and help you implement your JavaScript applications in a better way.

What Will I Learn?

Master primitive and reference types and their differences

Master the super cool features ES6 has to offer

Create objects using different methods

Use various in-built reference types

Understand how JS functions are different from other languages

Learn the different ways to create and use functions

Learn how to Overload Functions

Use the "this" object and change it

Define and Delete Object properties

Use different types of properties

Modify object property attributes

Prevent object modification

Understand and use constructors and prototypes

Learn how to change the default prototype

Implement inheritance using prototype chaining

Also learn constructor inheritance

Invoke super constructors and methods