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Microsoft Power BI


Beginner to PRO Data Analysis with Power BI - Full Length Course (with sample files!)

Video Tutorial - Beginner youtube.com

You asked for it. Here is a complete and in-depth course on how to use Power BI for data analysis. We are going to cover powerful & practical concepts like,

  • How to load and clean-up data with Power BI
  • How to build a data model in Power BI
  • Using DAX & Power Pivot to build measures and calculations
  • Creating and changing visuals 
  • Answering business questions with Power BI
  • Understanding trends & creating forecast in Power BI
  • Customizing visuals & interaction effects
  • Creating a comprehensive sales performance report
  • Saving and publishing the Power BI files
  • Updating and data refresh process
  • Additional resources to learn and master Power BI