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Course - Beginner

Security Plus Certification Training, Online Security+ Course | Cybrary

The CompTIA Security+ SY0-501 certification course helps you develop your competency in topics such as threats, vulnerabilities, and attacks, system security, network infrastructure, access control, cryptography, risk management, and organizational security so that you will successfully pass the...


Tutorial - Beginner

Programming Foundations: Web Security Online Class | LinkedIn Learning, formerly

Threat models

Least privilege

Defense in depth

Validating and sanitizing input

Credential attacks

SQL injection

Cross-site scripting


Course - Beginner

Global NetAcad Instance | Networking Academy

A single breach can have huge consequences for a company’s ability to function, hurting the bottom line and causing disruption in the daily lives of millions of people. This is why the demand for security professionals continues to grow. Get onboard—and develop an understanding of cybercrime,...


Video Tutorial - Beginner

Pluralsight + Microsoft Azure

Pluralsight and Microsoft have partnered to help you become an expert in Azure. With skill assessments and over 200+ courses, 40+ Skill IQs and 8 Role IQs, you can focus your time on understanding your strengths and skill gaps and learn Azure as quickly as possible.


Video Tutorial - Beginner

Black Hat | Webcasts

Security news doesn't always wait for conference season. That's the guiding principle behind the Black Hat Webcasts – a regular series of live web events focusing on what's hot in Information Security. Each month, we'll bring together Black Hat speakers, independent researchers and leading...


Course - Beginner

FedVTE Login Page

101 Coding for the Public

101 Critical Infrastructure Protection for the Public

Cryptocurrency for Law Enforcement for the Public

Cyber Supply Chain Risk Management for the Public

101 Reverse Engineering for the Public

Fundamentals of Cyber Risk...


Podcast - Beginner

Risky Business - Risky Business

Published weekly, the Risky Business podcast features news and in-depth commentary from security industry luminaries. Hosted by award-winning journalist Patrick Gray, Risky Business has become a must-listen digest for information security professionals.

We are also known to...


Podcast - Beginner

Paul's Security Weekly Archives - Security Weekly

If you're looking for a bunch of us security nerds to get together and talk shop, then Paul’s Security Weekly is for you. This show features interviews with folks in the security community; technical segments, which are just that, very technical; and security news, which is an open discussion...


Podcast - Beginner

Security Now

Steve Gibson, the man who coined the term spyware and created the first anti-spyware program, creator of Spinrite and ShieldsUP, discusses the hot topics in security today with Leo Laporte.

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Teknik Computers

Your computer problems are our computer problems