Book - Beginner

Front-end Developer Handbook 2019 - Learn the entire JavaScript, CSS and HTML development practice! frontendmasters.com

This is a guide that everyone can use to learn about the practice of front-end development. It broadly outlines and discusses the practice of front-end engineering: how to learn it and what tools are used when practicing it in 2019.

It is specifically written with the intention...


Video Tutorial - Beginner

HTML Crash Course For Absolute Beginners youtube.com

In this crash course I will cram as much about HTML that I can. This is meant for absolute beginners. If you are interested in learning HTML but know nothing, then you are in the right place. We will be creating a cheat sheet with all of the common HTML5 tags, attributes, semantic markup, etc. We...


Course - Beginner

CS50's Web Programming with Python and JavaScript | Harvard University online-learning.harvard.edu

Topics include database design, scalability, security, and user experience. Through hands-on projects, you'll learn to write and use APIs, create interactive UIs, and leverage cloud services like GitHub and Heroku. By course's end, you'll emerge with knowledge and experience in principles,...


Course - Beginner

CS50: Introduction to Computer Science | Harvard University online-learning.harvard.edu

This is CS50x, Harvard University's introduction to the intellectual enterprises of computer science and the art of programming for majors and non-majors alike, with or without prior programming experience. 

An entry-level course taught by David J. Malan, CS50x teaches...


Tutorial - Beginner

HTML Tutorials | HTML Dog htmldog.com

A step-by-step guide to HTML basics. If you’re completely new to web design, start here.


Tutorial - Beginner

HTML Essential Training linkedin.com

The basic syntax of HTML elements

Formatting content

Displaying images

Creating links

Global HTML attributes

Building navigation

Structuring content

Building forms

Creating tables


Tutorial - Beginner

Basic HTML for Kids Course: HTML for Kids Tutorial | Pluralsight pluralsight.com

Have you ever wanted to learn to create a web site? Not sure where to start? Start by learning the basics of HTML. HTML is the publishing language of the web. Utilizing HTML tags you can create a web page that can be displayed in any browser across the web. In this course, you will learn the most...


Book - Beginner

The HTML Handbook flaviocopes.com

I wrote this book help you learn HTML quickly!

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